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                           The Artisans

The Artisans are the craftsmen for the art of warfare. The ringing of a hammer as it strikes the anvil is our Song of Life. The brilliance of a well crafted sword or a durable helm will almost bring a tear to your eye and a smile on your face. The brethren of the forge are a family as close to ones own natural born.

We, the ARTISANS strive to be a self contained, force to be reckoned with. We support our own first, and on a good day may even help those in need. We feel that one should be able to support oneself, those who always beg for handouts, gives a hard working ARTISAN a bad taste in the mouth...

A burly dwarf steps forward and looks you over from head to toe, "So ye be a wantin' to join de brethren, eh? Well den sit right down, anna write o' letter to de ARTISANS."

(ooc: A brief note to ARTISANS should tell us why you want to join and when you are usually on. May ye be join our family soon...)