Black Order

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                          The Black Order

We are a brotherhood of dark monks and priests. We have gathered together for the glory of the Dark Gods. We devote body, mind and soul to the Dark Gods. We believe that for order to be maintained Darkness must be in control. We rely on dark and evil religion. We welcome all to the order only if they worship Dark Gods. About the only thing we favor are the Dark Clerics in our ranks. Betrayal will be handled quickly and harshly. The Black Order comes first before any personal matter. Members are expected to share what they know with other members. The Dark Gods favor us and we grow more powerful by the day. If you wish to join the order an application must be sent to BLACKORDER for review, and if accepted a member will seek you out to induct you.

(OOC: Applications must be in NOTE form and sent to BLACKORDER and nothing else)