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Ah, a blacksmith. This is a NON-FIGHTING class, so don't come whining to us about not being able to fight, or do any sort of DAMAGE anytime soon.

With that said, Blacksmiths DO NOT get ANY experience points for killing a mob/fighting/or grouping with others. However, Blacksmiths gain Experience points by several means, some of which you'll pick up kind of quickly, especially when you mysteriously go up your first level...

Now, with that said, a Blacksmith requires several tools to make it in this world, namely a blacksmith's hammer, and an anvil. Additional materials can be purchased at a store. Every skill, however, has a price tag attached to it. For example, a damaged weapon might cost only 3 steel (near perfect condition) for you to repair. YOU, however, must market your SKILLS, to make any sort of PROFIT. In this example, if you charge the owner of the damaged weapon, 8 steel to repair it, you make a PROFIT of 5 steel. Survival in this world will be especially TOUGH for a blacksmith, and if you are NEW to this MUD, a POWERGAMER/POWERKILLER who has gotten corrupted by the other Powerkilling muds out there, then THIS IS NOT THE CLASS FOR YOU. Survival depends on how well you ROLEPLAY. YES. ROLEPLAY. As this is not a Fighting class, you must Roleplay well to obtain the business of the other players. I can't stress this enough. ROLEPLAY, ROLEPLAY, ROLEPLAY. Also remember that GOOD RP is rewarded by Immortals to players, so RP all the time, and you'll be set.