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Branchala, Song of Life

A companion of Habbakuk since the beginning of time, the Bard King Branchala imbued Krynn's first creatures with the lyric and untamed melody of his immortal soul. Some even say that all hearts beat in time to the mysterious melodies. Elves and kender consider Branchala the highest god.

Influences: elves, kender, music, forests, and beauty.
Symbols: a bard's harp or a flute (Goodlund, Qualinesti, Silvanesti).
Colors: yellow and green.
Other names: Songmaster (Goodlund), Astra (Qualinesti), Astarin (Silvanesti), Bran (Ergoth), Gardener (Mithas), Bardilun (Thorbadin).

Branchala's Avatar: Branchala's avatars assume the form of whatever folk he is visiting. When choosing to mingle with mortals, he dampens his deific glow. In this way, he can join the festivities without garnering bothersome adulation. Branchala's avatars unfailingly display some association with the forest. He appears as a woodsman, a ranger, a bard of a great forest, or even a heathen druid any guise associated with trees.