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Chemosh, Lord of Death

As lord of false redemption, Chemosh offers "eternal life": the takers spend immortality in an undead and eternally corrupted body. Chemosh rarely explains this when making a pact. Before his victims can reconsider, they find themselves his minions. Dead and dying creatures fascinate Chemosh. The desperate, thrashing movements, the hoary rattle of water in the lungs, the smell of decay all delight him. Even so, he plans never to experience death himself, growing in power and longevity with each minion he gains.

Influences: ravagers, undead, and all nemesis.
Symbol: a yellow skull.
Colors: black and sickly yellow.
Other names: Aeleth (Ergoth), Dron of the Deep (Tarsis), Chemos Joton ;(Icewall), Khemax (Thorbadin), Lifebane (Mithas), Orkrust (Hobgoblins).

Chemosh's Avatars: Chemosh appears as either a rakishly handsome man in a black robe or as a lich (an undead sorceror) clad in rotting finery. In either guise, he bears a small obsidian sickle. The sickle directs him to the target with the fullest lifeforce. Chemosh's true form is a bloated satyr with a goat skull head.