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For a detailed help on each order see: "Conclave - Red Robes", "Conclave - White Robes", or "Conclave - Black Robes"


Upon choosing to become an acknowledged mage of the Tower of High Sorcery an aspirant must first follow several steps towards the decision of his order and art. Before commission to an order, one must be fully aware of the duties one's order expects and the mindset that those duties require. Order decision is a choice based on the conscience and goals of the aspirant and must be made only after careful deliberation and consideration.

1. Review the explanations of Orders and choose one

2. Announce your choice and intentions to a Lord or Lady of the Tower

3. Assume an apprenticeship and/or begin individual study for Test

4. Complete the test in the presence of the Order and Tower Lords

5. Pass the test and join the ranks of the Tower of High Sorcery (Failure to complete the test will spell death for the aspirant)


The following are the rules and regulations for The Mage's Guild. They are to be followed without question.

1: There shall be three orders among our ranks. Those of Good, Neutral, and Evil.

2: At the head of each order will be a High Mage, with one as Tower Lord.

3: The High Mage answers for his/her order, and reports to the Lord.

4: All new members must pass a test of skills in order to be granted admittance.

5: All members are brothers/sisters in the Art.

6: The High three will meet for and grant promotions, when needed.

7: All disagreements must be voted but the final say is given by the Tower Lord.

8: The council will convene when instructed to by the Tower Lord.

9: No fighting within the Tower between mages.

10: In respect to the above rule, All disputes should be brought before the Tower Lord before a fight occurs.

11: All rulings and decisions of the council are final.