Conclave - Black Robes

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The order of wizards most feared and perhaps most respected on the face of Krynn, the black magi are among the followers of the dark pantheon. Practitioners in the art of black magic, the dark sorcerers owe their power and influence to Nuitari. Son of Takhisis the Dragon Queen and Sargonnas God of vengeance, Nuitari holds dominion over the black magic of Krynn. Embodied in the black moon, Nuitari is only visible to those who practice the art of dark magic, though he can be traced by astronomers as he blots out the stars.

Magi of Nuitari primarily cast magic of dark nature, necromancy being a particular favorite. Through memorization and skill they are able to cast any spell corresponding with the black or red orders, but are restricted by faith and personal desire to cast any spell of the order of white. The black wizards are highly discriminated against and often cast in the stereotypical mold of all advocates of evil. Despite this claim one will often find that most of the faithful of Nuitari are in fact most dignified and reserved, and as indespisible to the art of magic as their more benevolent white cousins. Often a bit greedy and highly ambitious the black mage delights in intrigue and games of the mind just as much as he despises weakness and apathy. The influence and strength of black magic waxes and wanes in accordance with the position of Nuitari in the heavens. The faithful of the Dark Prince are in the peak of their power when their lord is full above them. Beneath his black gaze schemes erupt within hearts guided by dreams of ascension as his faithful serve themselves with his dark art.

Liturgy of Nuitari:

Black moon emerges Dark son of Darker hour Nuitari's mystery surrounds us Granting us the Darkest of power Your servants in Darkness Black magic we still seek The powers of ascension Dark harvests for us to reap Nuitari of Takhisis Though few will ever see Your intrigue, haunted mystery Our paths as dark as thee