Conclave - White Robes

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Quite possibly the most revered and honorable of the mages of Krynn the renowned wizards of the white order have gained a sterling reputation of trust-worthy benevolence. Kind and compassionate, the legions of white serve Solinari, god of white arcania. Embodied in the silver moon, Solinari is the son of Paladine the Platinum Dragon and Mishakal the healer, and presides over the art of beneficent magic. Magi of the white order are ever suspicious of the dark dabblings of their black robed brothers and leary of the whimsical non-preferences of the magi of red. ; Magi of Solinari are only to cast spells that further goodness and help others. They are, of course, capable of casting any other spell that their ability allows, but to dabble in black magic is to jeopardize the patronage of their deity. The main goal of the white order is the furtherance of peace and unity in the cosmos through the goodwill of one being towards another, and if one is in need of assistance the white mage will be the first to come to aid. The white robes are by far the most sweet tempered and least diabolical of the three orders and the order

lends itself to those fair and just of mind and soul. The strength of the spells cast by the children of Solinari wax and wane according to the position of the Silver moon within the heavens. White magi feel most powerful when Solinari gleams full in the midnight sky, and it is during this time that dreams become reality and nightmares dissipate on the wings of silver beneficence beneath their wise and careful counsel.

Liturgy of Solinari:

Silver moon hearkens Most holy Argent Son Purest Mithril darkened Bright benevolence is spun We your Silver children Praise your light for life Grant us power we beg you To ease all sufferings strife Solinari of Paladine Your radiance so eternal Your kindness be exalted Our ways glow shining silver