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Draconians are the human-sized corruptions of good dragon eggs. By using captured good dragon eggs shortly before the War of the Lance, Wyrllish the cleric, Dracart the mage and the ancient red dragon Harkiel developed the process for corrupting the eggs into draconians. Though there is some debate, and consequently some conflicting information on the subject, it is generally agreed that draconians can't reproduce. Draconians were the crack troops of the Dragon Highlords. Because of their connection to the dragons, draconians are immune to dragonfear and seem to worship the evil dragons. Draconians are more likely to follow orders than the typical ogre or goblin (or mercenary, for that matter), some types can use clerical magic and magic-user spells, and when they are killed each draconian has a special attack that is carried out at the end of their life. Draconians are immune to human diseases and live to be 1,000 years old.