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Gilean, Void Before creation, the High God wrote the Tobril the book of all knowledge and true names to lay down the designs of the universe. But none among the gods he made was trustworthy enough to guard the Tobril. So the High God found Gilean, a scribe so scrupulous as to have never penned an error. The High God brought Gilean back to the dawn of creation and entrusted him with the Tobril, saying: "Read those passages, you may. Their knowledge will make you a god equal to the others. But guard this knowledge, for on the day another reads of it, you shall surely die." Gilean has guarded the book ever since.

Influences: knowledge.
Symbol: an open book.
Color: gray.

Gilean's Avatars: Gilean takes the form of a book-toting scholar of middle age, intent on a particular topic and absent-minded about everything else. This male or female avatar may appear as a human, elf, dwarf, or kender. Although apparently self-absorbed, Gilean slyly tests the preconceptions of folk he encounters. Those who learn from such tests gain a bit of secret knowledge or an answer to a troubling question.