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Habbakuk, Fisher King

Son of Paladine and Mishakal, Habbakuk is Kiri-Jolith's younger twin. He created and rules all creatures of the land and sea in his likeness. Habbakuk is as much feared as he is loved. Because he represents the eternal cycle of nature, Habbakuk symbolizes eternal life. Because Habbakuk founded the Knights of the Crown, their quests often help nature. Habbakuk opposes the evil Sea Queen Zeboim.

Influences: animal life, the sea, creation, and passion.
Symbol: a blue bird, or a blue phoenix (Ergoth).
Colors: deep blue and white.
Other names: The Blue Phoenix (Ergoth, Silvanesti, Qualinesti), Skylord (Balifor, Goodlund), Sea Lord (Mithas).

Habbakuk's Avatars: Habbakuk occasionally appears as a large blue bird or a phoenix aglow with blue flames. At sea, Habbakuk assumes the form of a giant blue dolphin. Purportedly, he has taken many other forms, including a badger, a wild elf, a serious but clever kender, a tall ranger with wildly black hair and intensely blue eyes, a wiry druid with white hair and beard, and many other creatures. In these guises, the color blue typically appears in the creature's coloration or clothing.