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Half-Elves are usually much like their Elven parent in appearance. They are handsome folk, with the good features of both races. They mingle freely with either race, being only slightly taller than the average elf (5' 6" on average) and weighing about 150 pounds. They typically live about 160 years. While they do not have all the abilities of the elf, they are still somewhat resistant to sleep and charm spells and are adept at finding hidden objects. Half-Elves also have Infravision up to 60' from their Elven parent. They tend to identify more closely with the Elven parent, as humans tend to eye half-elves with suspicion.

Half-Elves also lack the distinct advantages and specializations of the other races, although they have a small advantage in matters of nature lore, and are slightly more intelligent than the average human. Thus, like humans, they are able to learn skills with more ease than those races that are more specialized. Although not as good as a human in this regard, a half-elf can still learn skills some 5% faster than his or her non-half-elven peers.

Half-Elves are perhaps the most diverse of all known races, made up of people with hair of all different colors, and skin ranging the gamut of human and elven skin colors. They most resemble their Human side, but are more slender than most humans, and have finely pointed ears. Many Half-Elves have felt prejudice in their lifetimes, from both elves and humans. Because of this, their personalities may be defensive, shy and withdrawn, or ingratiating.

The Half-Elf race originated from the rare pairings of humans and elves. Pure breeding among Half-Elves has subsequently distinguished them as a unique race in their own right. Physically, they exhibit the attributes of both humans and elves, but they constantly strive to find a culture of their own. Although some societies composed solely of Half-Elves have been formed, reflecting more of the regal status of the elves, Half-Elves most often struggle to assimilate into established societies. Humans are much more tolerant than the elves of this mixed race due to their longer lifespans and (according to some) more attractive appearance gained from their Elven blood. While their dual nature has often been a hindrance, it has occasionally allowed the Half-Elves to truly understand their forefathers, bringing remarkable insights into the cultures of both peoples.