Holy Order

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Holy Order of the Stars

After the 'return' of the gods during the War of the Lance various organizations of people devoted to the old gods began to spring up across Ansalon. One such organization is the Holy Order, a group of clerics and warriors of all types devoted to the gods of goodness.

This groups main function is to protect and heal all those in need. Another function of the Holy Order is to bring the word of the gods of goodness to all those who do not follow them and to bring their wrath to those who would threaten and bully people weaker than themselves.

The Holy Order is open to all persons (even kender) who are willing to help protect and heal, with the exception of those classes who make a living by stealing and murdering others without good intent. All those who wish to join the Order should send a message to the Holy Order or visit the Temple of the Holy Order located in Solanthus. Also check your hometown, for there might be a group stationed there.