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Kender are unique to Krynn. They are the halflings which many other worlds sport, but they are much more interesting than that. Kender appear to be small human children slight of build, beardless, about three and a half to four feet tall. Kender generally live for 100 years (or until their curiosity kills them). Wanderlust is uniquely a kender trait, which is the fever that possesses young kender and causes them to travel the world over. Kender wander for years, settling down after they feel they have wandered down all the roads their heart desires. Wanderlust usually lasts for about 10 years. In regard to personal belongings, kender have a relatively loose definition of what is "theirs." In a kender home, a relic is anything that hasn't disappeared after three weeks. Kender have the unique 'handling' ability which allows them to "find" objects unconsciously. If a kender were to walk through a crowd of people, it would be unlikely if the kender's pouches were not bulging with the belongings of at least half the people there. If anyone cornered him and asked him about it, the kender would truthfully reply that "it must have fallen into my pouch. It's a good thing that I found it or somebody else might have taken it." Because of their naivete in regards to personal belongings (especially how they come to possess those items which belong to other people), the worst name you may call a kender is either a 'cutpurse' or a 'thief,' for they believe that they are neither, rather it was an accident, "remember?" Kender also have a trait that enables them to be entirely fearless. While the rest of the party shies away from the edge of the bottomless gorge, the kender will skip merrily along the edge, cross the rotting footbridge and stop to smell the roses on the other side while being charged by an enraged minotaur. Everything is an adventure, including death, which is the last great adventure (many a kender have wondered what it is like to be breathed upon a red dragon, but few who have experienced it live to tell the tale). This fearlessness might be interpreted as stupidity, but kender are fiendishly clever in a child-like sort of way.