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Kiri-Jolith, Sword of Justice

Kiri-Jolith is the god of glory, honor, obedience, justice, and righteous warfare. Paladins and fighters who embrace good revere him. Kiri-Jolith is a war god, but not one possessed by bloodlust and needless violence. He represents righteous warfare, launched to right grievous wrongs. Though his temper is not swift, it is sure when combat is justified. Kiri-Jolith has a strong sense of honor and fair play. He targets only the guilty and avoids involving innocents. Kiri-Jolith cannot tolerate tyranny, fighting it with tireless heroism and discipline. Inspirational in forming the Knights of Solamnia, he is patron of the Order of the Sword.

Influences: war, battle, courage, and heroism.
Symbols: bison's horns or a horned battle axe (Thorbadin, Kharolis). Colors: brown and white.
Other names: Corij (Ergoth), Kijo the Blade (Thorbadin), Jolith (Kharolis/Tarsis), Qu'an the Warrior (Uigan), Emperor (Mithas).

Kiri-Jolith's Avatars:Kiri-Jolith most commonly takes the avatar form of a Knight of Solamnia, resplendent in beautiful plate armor. He often wields a heavy lance in battle, the weapon bearing some semblance to the famed Dragonlance. Occasionally, Kiri-Jolith takes the avatar form of a huge minotaur wielding a battle axe.