Knights of Takhisis

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The Knight of Takhisis

Ariakan, son of the powerful Dragon Highlord Ariakas and-so it is rumored-the sea goddess Zeboim was the first knight at the origin of the Knights of Takhisis. During the War of the Lance, Ariakan was captured by the Knights of Solamnia and kept prisoner for more than six years. The reason why he had been kept prisoner and not executed for so long is that he demonstrated a lot of courage that the knights took on consideration. He refused to surrender even when there was no hope of getting away. He fought bravely and skillfully and killed four knights of Solamnia before being forcibly subdued. Ariakan used his six years to learn more about the Knights, to know their strong and weak points. He finally succeeded to convince them that he had changed and so, thinking he was of no more danger they released him. The biggest mistake they had ever done. Ariakan submitted his plans to his Dark Mistress and then began to recruit in secret, young teens that would be trained to become the Knights of Takhisis.

Knights of the Lily

As with the Knights of Solamnia, any who would enter into the Knights of Takhisis must begin as a Petitioner in the Order of the Lily. All Knights of Takhisis remain under the Order of the Lily until they attain the rank of Warrior and are ready to advance to Novice. At this level, knights may choose entry into either Skull or Thorn, or remain with the Lilies. The Knights of the Lily are the military might of the knighthood and the center of political power as well. The Order of the Skull and the Order of the Thorn are separate, with their own particular skills and areas of responsibility. While it may look to an outsider as if the Knights of the Lily are the dominant force in the knighthood, all three orders provide necessary functions and are considered equal in power and authority, differing only in jurisdiction and function.

Knights of the Skull

These Knights form the clerical order of the knighthood. They practice the healing arts and are also in charge of both external intelligence and internal security. Skull Knights work their art by stealth and subtlely rather than by force, leaving that to the other two orders. Knights of the Skull are dedicated solely to Takhisis, to the exclusion of all other gods and goddesses (including other dark deities). Her Dark Majesty rewards such a loyalty by renewing their spell on a daily basis, in a manner similar to the other clerics.

Knights of the Thorn

Knights of the Thorn are an order of wizards. They operate completely outside the Towers of High Sorcery on Ansalon, refuse to swear any allegiance to any of the three robes, including black and are therefore considered renegade by all members of the Conclave. Unlike the wizards of the conclave, the Gray Robe Knights, as they are known, work with dark priest-Knights of the Skull- in maintaining order both in conquered lands and their own territories. The Thorns Knights are of a special type. They may not wear armor while casting spells, and reduce their weapon proficiencies to those available to wizards.