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Lunitari, Veiled Maiden

Lunitari, goddess of Neutral magic and illusions, was born of Gilean and an unknown mother. She founded the wizardly Order of the Red Robes to promote neutral magic. Lunitari and Solinari have long been friends and work well together. Like the other gods of magic, Lunitari chooses to remain close to Krynn to govern her order of mages. Lunitari is a vivacious young woman with a mischievous streak. She delights in all magic and illusions, but loves Neutral spellcasting most of all.

Influences: neutral magic and illusions.
Symbol: a red circle or sphere.
Color: red or magenta.

Lunitari's Avatars: Lunitari usually takes the form of a beautiful, red-haired human woman clad in red robes. She has a cunning and capricious smile. Occasionally, Lunitari cloaks her avatar in a powerful illusion, of anything from a draconian to a gnome. Lunitari carries ruby red darts as her weapon of last resort.