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Majere, Master of Mind

Majere is the god of organization, industry, and control, as well as meditation, faith, and dreams. Majere creates and inspires the martial arts and all disciplines that lead to confrontation of oneself. Majere's worshippers seek simple lives, devoid of luxury but filled with meditation, self-discipline, and deep thought.

Influences: meditation, control, thought, faith, mercy, and inspiration.
Symbols: a copper spider, a single rose (Qualinesti, Silvanesti), or a mantis (Solamnia).
Colors: copper and red.
Other names: Manthus (Ergoth), Mantis of the Rose (Qualinesti), Matheri (Silvanesti), Nadir the Dreamsender (Mithas).

Majere's Avatars: On Krynn, this quiet god takes one of two forms. The first is a beautiful, blind female oracle. Despite her youth and loveliness, the oracle is utterly bald. She has fine features, a thin, sloping nose, and full lips. Majere also assumes the for of an ancient man, equally bald. His stooped body is wrapped in a burlap robe and he carries no weapon. In this form, Majere's perpetual smile of serenity proves unerving to those who are not truthful with themselves.