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                      Mercenaries of Ansalon

From all across Ansalon they come. In all shapes and sizes as well. Warriors, strong and fierce, mages, trained in the art of battle magic. Some come for the chance to earn cold, hard steel, others seeking glory, fame and honor, while still others, for the love of the kill. All who can hold their own are welcome to the Mercenary lifestyle.

They are an army without a nation, fighting against whoever they are paid to, for the most part, taking the side of whoever will pay the most, often playing both sides of a conflict. Mercenaries are mainly called upon to help fight a war, or defend a small village or country against an advancing army of attackers. It is rare that mercenaries will be deployed to go after a single target, unless the target is an elusive monster or a dragon.

To acquire information on joining the Mercenaries either write a send a letter to the main office (OOC: write a note to 'mercenary'), contact your local recruiter, or visit the Mercenary Headquarters in Solanthus.