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Minotaur live on the isles of Mithas and Kothas, on the northeastern shores of the Blood Sea of Istar. Minotaur live to be about 150 years old. They are intensely proud creatures, growing to be 7 feet tall, with horns of up to 24 inches long. Minotaur are half human and half bovine, 'Cow' is just about the worst insult anyone can hurl at a minotaur (it's one of the kender's favorite). In order for one to advance in Minotaur society, they must fight in the Arena. Only champions of the Arena can be leaders, minotaur believe that might makes right. Additionally, nothing is more important to a minotaur than his or her honor. In any event, the ruler of this sea-faring race is the one who defeats all his opponents in the ring and becomes the Champion. The goals of their race are simple: the destruction of all the other races of Krynn. They are exceptionally bigoted, seeing all other races as lesser beings. The only other creatures most minotaur hold in high regard are the Knights of Solamnia, renowned for their code of honor; this is their one saving grace, in the minotaur's eyes. As far as weapons and armor go, the minotaur doesn't really need any. A minotaur's thick hide protects them from some attacks, and their horns and limbs are deadly. Most warriors carry either a two-handed sword (used in one hand) or other slashing weapons.