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In Thorbardin, a fourth caste arose. The Neidar ("nearest") were dwarves that chose to live outside the mountain kingdom, closer to humans and elves. They were mainly Klar farmers but were joined by Daewar merchants and a few Hylar. Over the years the Neidar came to be considered a new caste, unrelated to the other three (although ties were strongest to the Klar, with a certain cultural emphasis in hard work and simple living). Neidar are often termed "hill dwarves" by humans but it is not an expression they use themselves. All hill dwarves are grouped into this thanedom. Defeated by the mountain dwarves in the Dwarfgate War, this clan of dwarves lives in the hills outside of Thorbardin. They dislike the confines of the underground fortress, but still seek representation on the Council of Thanes. Neidar are generally 'good' dwarves who exhibit none of the Theiwar of Daergar. The most famous Neidar dwarf is Flint Fireforge, Hero of the Lance.