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The biggest, tallest, fattest, and smelliest of all the races are the Ogres. On average they stand about ten feet tall and weigh over four hundred pounds. Being severely limited in intelligence and having an overabundance of physical power is often a catalyst for deadly situations.

But we have to give these morons credit. A weakly structured organization of civility has emerged from within the rank and file of the Ogre encampments. The need for food and supplies has obviously driven them to become more self-sufficient. While there is obvious communication within their tribal communities, speaking with an ogre is not a recommended activity.

The other races have learned that ogres are quick to anger, and when confused find it easier to smash and bash than to talk and walk. An ogre's main special trait is bashing. Being on the receiving end of one of these is not a good idea. Ogres are the strongest and possess the highest degrees of stamina.

These guys are not going to be wizards, magicians, or spellcasters of any kind (except shaman). However, even the Ogre shaman is such a lowly wizard that we question the existence of the character class combination.