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Paladine, the Dragon's Lord

Paladine is Father of Good and Master of Law. During the Age of Dreams, Paladine led the gods in creation. Paladine and Takhisis, Queen of Darkness, infused the raw fury of chaos with form and purpose, creating the first material beings dragons. Takhisis, jealous the first creations were not entirely hers, corrupted the chromatic dragons to evil. Paladine replaced his fallen children with the good, metallic dragons, but Takhisis's act began the rift between good and evil.

Influences: order, hope, light, ruler-ship, and guardianship.
Symbols: a silver triangle, a pine tree (Silvanesti), or an anvil (Thorbadin).
Colors: silver and white.
Other names: Draco Paladin (Ergoth), Skyblade (Goodlund), Dragonlord (Mithas), E'li (Silvanesti), Thak the Hammer (Thorbadin), Bah'Mut (Istar), the Great Dragon (Solamnia), Fizban (Goodlund).

Paladine's Avatar: After the dark days of the Cataclysm, Paladine reetered the world in the form of the befuddled old wizard Fizban the Fabulous. Mishap upon mishap piles up around the flustered Fizban but, in the end, all mistakes work together to form a startling victory.