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RECALL will send you back to your hometown. After level 11, recall can only be used by those with the 'word of recall' spell, or those who can recite scrolls and happen to recite a scroll of recall. RECALL costs half of your movement points and will NOT work in certain god-forsaken rooms. Characters affected by a CURSE will also not be able to recall. If you RECALL during combat, you WILL lose experience points (more than you would for fleeing) and there is a greater chance of failing than there is from fleeing. The chance is based on your recall skill, although even at 100%, RECALL does not ensure success, so don't waste your practices on the skill.

RECALL also works if you are TRUE-MARKED by your GOD that you worship; however GODS are fickle creatures and may not heed your prayers. Carry a TRUE FAITH COUPON just in case...