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Syntax: brandish Syntax: quaff <potion> Syntax: recite <scroll> <target> Syntax: zap <target> Syntax: zap

BRANDISH brandishes a magical staff. QUAFF quaffs a magical potion (as opposed to DRINK, which drinks mundane liquids). RECITE recites a magical scroll; the <target> is optional, depending on the nature of the scroll. ZAP zaps a magical wand at a target. If the target is not specified, and you are fighting someone, then that character is used for a target.

You must HOLD a wand or a staff before using BRANDISH or ZAP.

All of these commands use up their objects. Potions and scrolls have a single charge. Wands and staves have multiple charges. When a magical object has no more charges, it will be consumed.

These commands may require an item skill to be successful, see the help entries on the skills scrolls, staves, and wands for more information.