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Reorx, Forge

The dwarves of Ansalon consider Reorx god of manufacture, technology, and metallurgy to be the greatest of gods. Humans see him as merely the rotund helper of Kiri-Jolith. Reorx tames chaos to forge the world. His second greatest creation, the Greystone of Gargath, led to the emergence of dwarves, gnomes, and kender. Many consider the forge god father of these races.

Influences: dwarves, weapons, and technology.
Symbol: a forging hammer, or a dwarven hammer (Thorbadin).
Colors: slate gray and red.

Reorx's Avatars: Reorx takes the form of a powerful dwarven warrior, magical hammer always in hand. Beneath his deeply-tanned skin rest massive muscles. His long beard contains numerous braids and is the blue-gray of tempered steel. Reorx carries a unique dwarven throwing hammer, and wears a beautiful breastplate of adamantine. Dwarves see the avatar as the perfect warrior in all aspects.