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Sargonnas, Dark Vengeance

Little is known about Takhisis's consort. He is the brooding, sometimes explosive god of vengeance, rage, deserts, and volcanoes. Sargonnas embodies the destructive passion of fire. His greatest ally, Takhisis, is also his greatest enemy, and he routinely plots both for and against his Queen.

Sargonnas is a fuming and treacherous god. Occasionally, he works his revenge through insidious means. Plotting for years, even centuries, he presents a calm and diabolically magnetic personality a mask of the fire within. More often, Sargonnas erupts with fury, consuming everything in his path. He always anticipate similar deceits. He is, in a word, paranoid.

Influences: vengeance, destruction, intrigue, volcanoes, fire, and deserts.
Symbol: a stylized red condor, or a red fist (Thorbadin, Istar).
Colors: red and black.
Other names: Argon (Istar, Ergoth), The Firebringer (Hylo), Misal-Lasim ;(Tarsis), Gonnas the Willful (Icewall), Sargonax the Bender (Thorbadin), Kinthalas (Silvanesti), Kinis (Qualinesti), Destroyer (Mithas). ;

Sargonnas's Avatars: Sargonnas prefers the form of a red condor with a silky, enticing voice. He also appears as a fire elemental of lava with a roaring voice that sounds like a dwarven blast furnace. Occasionally, he takes the form of a human, kender, or minotaur warrior, but he is loathe to do so.