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Shinare, Winged Victory

Shinare goddess of wealth, industry, and commerce has many dwarven worshipers, for they appreciate her love of wealth and industry. All folk consider her the champion of freedom and self-destiny. Shinare cannot tolerate laziness. She ascribes poverty to stupidity or sloth. In her eyes, the idle and unproductive are slowly dying. Shinare's companion is Sirrion, god of creative fire. Their opposite temperaments clash, but they stay together.

Influences: wealth, industry, freedom, and power.
Symbol: a griffin's wing.
Colors: gold, silver, and brown.

Shinare's Avatars: Shinare most often assumes the guise of a rich, portly matron or merchant. She wears expensive clothing and jewelry, and a belt of finest silver encircles her waist. When appearing to the dwarves, she takes the form of a male dwarven merchant, decked in rich clothing that drips with gems and precious metals. Because dwarves so espouses her philosophies, she acquiesces to their stubborn insistence that she is male. Mortal gender should not stand in the way of progress.