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Sirrion, Flowing Flame

Sirrion, god of creative flame and natural power, sculpts fire into beautiful forms. He controls every flame, from the blazing sun to the low-burning wick, channeling and filtering the feral power into useful forms. Sirrion is not always tame: he sometimes sparks forest fires to clear rotten trees and allow young forest to grow.

He also burns children who play with candle flame, teaching them to respect fire. Though he desires to make fire useful, he wishes even more to make it beautiful. Sirrion's companion is Shinare, goddess of wealth and commerce. They quarrel because Sirrion is temperamental and artistic while Shinare is practical and opportunistic.

Influences: flame, natural power, change, and transformation.
Symbol: a multi-colored fire.
Colors: bright red and yellow.

Sirrion's Avatars: Sirrion prefers to appear in fire and auguries of smoke or ash. When he does take an avatar form, Sirrion is a tall man with flaming hair, beard, and eyebrows. His robe periodically changes color the way flames do. In battle, he wields a two-handed flame tongue sword that no mortal can touch.