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For detailed help on each order please see: Knight Crown, Knight Sword, Knight Rose.

The Knights of Solamnia arose in the Age of Dreams, about three millennia before the War of the Lance. The order was founded by the commander of the Ergothian Palace Guard, Vinas Solamnus. Sent by his Emperor to quell a rebellion in northeastern Ergoth, Vinas saw instead that the rebellion was justified.

Motto and laws

For over 15 centuries, the knights have lived by two codes: the Oath and the Measure. The Oath is simply "Est Sularus oth Mithas," which means "My Honor is My Life."

Obedience to the spirit of these laws is the chief goal of knighthood. During the War of the Lance, the Solamnic Knights forgot the spirit of the Measure and clung to the unfeeling letter of the law. In time and at great cost, the knights learned that honor lies in the heart of each knight, not in a set of dusty books.