Solamnic - Knight Rose

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The Measure

The Order of the Rose embraces honor guided by justice and wisdom.

Honor is allegiance to one's oath to defend the cause of Good. Honorable deeds include sacrificing oneself for the sake of others, refusing to surrender to or ally with an evil foe, defending the knighthood until death, protecting the lives of fellow knights and living true to the Oath in all matters.

Justice is the heart of the Measure and the soul of a Rose Knight to render to everyone — creature, person or god — his or her due. Just acts include aiding those that are less fortunate, donating all wealth to the knightly coffers ( except what is needed for personal or parochial upkeep ), worshiping and obeying Paladine and the gods of Good, fighting injustice with courage and commitment and seeing that no life is wasted or sacrificed in vain.

Wisdom is the prudent use of one's abilities and resources to uphold honor and render justice.