Solamnic - Knight Sword

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The Measure

Knights of the Sword act as warriors for the gods of Good, upholding the purest ideals of heroism and courage.

Heroism is a self-sacrificial fight for the cause of Good. Heroic deeds include strengthening the weak, enriching the poor, freeing the enslaved, exonerating the falsely accused, championing the defenseless and aiding fellow knights in need.

Courage is a readiness to die honorably in the fight for Good. Courageous acts include facing Evil fearlessly, defending the honor of the knighthood, defending the honor of a fellow knight and protecting the defenseless and weak.

A Knight of the Sword must surrender all personal wealth to the knightly coffers ( save what is needed for upkeep ), pay homage to Kiri-Jolith and the gods of Good each day, eagerly engage evil opponents in combat (not retreating regardless of the enemies strength), protect the weak and defenseless and forswear the use of knightly powers for unrighteous reasons.