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Solinari, Mighty Hand

Solinari, third son of Paladine and Mishakal, is the god of good magic. He established the Order of the White Robes. He happily discusses any topic of magic in infinite and boring detail. Aside from Krynn, Solinari treasures magic over every aspect of life, death, and afterlife.

Influences: good magic.
Symbol: a white circle or sphere.
Color: white or silver.
Other names: Solin (Ergoth), White-eye (Goodlund, Balifor), God's Eye (Thorbadin), Ivory Disk (Hylo), Beacon (Mithas).

Solinari's Avatar: Because Solinari is closer to Krynn than the nonmagical gods, he rarely assumes his avatar form. When he must directly intervene, he appears as an ancient, white-robed wizard. Unlike Fizban, (avatar of Paladine), Solinari's avatar has a lucid, insightful, and recursive intellect, though his mumbling often become too frenetic and cryptic to decipher.