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Takhisis, Queen of Darkness

In the Age of Dreams, Takhisis was Paladine's mate and consort. But when they forged the first beings, the dragons built of chaos, Takhisis grew selfish. Jealous she had to share the power of creation, the Dark Queen corrupted the dragons. She quitted Paladine and consorted with Sargonnas, a god of fury and vengeance. They had two offspring: Nuitari and Zeboim. The passion between between Takhisis and Sargonnas vacillates between insatiable lust and rancorous loathing. Takhisis bore one other child, Artha, demi-goddess of wanton lust and greed. Believed to be a child from a passing liaison with Chemosh, Artha was in truth sired by Hidukkel.

Takhisis is the embodiment of Evil. She enjoys preying on the weaknesses of others, using their hearts' desires to enslave them. She is cold and brilliant exploitation has become second nature to her. Takhisis hates good, loves cruelty, and hoards wealth. She happily dwells in her former prison, the Abyss, plotting her next return.

Influences: night, evil dragons, hatred, intrigue, and chaos.
Symbol: a black crescent.
Colors: black of utter darkness and iridescent black of beetle wings.
Other names: Dragon Queen (Ergoth, Silvanesti), Tii'Mut (Istar), She of the Many Faces (Hylo), Mai-tat (Tarsis), Nilat the Corruptor (Icewall), Tamex the False Metal (Thorbadin), Lady Chaos (Mithas), Darklady (Ogres), Mwarg (Hobgoblins).

Takhisis's Avatars: Takhisis can assume any form, but her two favorites are a five-headed chromatic dragon and a beautiful temptress of human or elven stock. Rumors claim she also appears as a giant serpent and any multiheaded creature such as a hydra or leviathan. For three millennia after Huma's victory, and again after the recent Whitestone Council that ended the War of the Lance, Takhisis's avatar was banished from Ansalon. Even so, she can act through agents and her offspring.