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               *** The Thieves Guild ***

We are a band of brothers, brought together by our uncanny thieving skills. The Thieves Guild is always looking for fresh souls to fill it's ranks, making them one of the most powerful groups of people to walk the face of Krynn. Members are strictly loyal to fellow brothers, and the penalty of betrayal is quite fierce. All members owe allegiance to their leader and would follow that leader through all realms imaginable if it was the leader's wish. Knowledge is an asset to a Thief. Those who are willing to learn and to teach what they know to others are looked on favorably. All classes are accepted, and alignments of neutral and evil. The members of the Thieves Guild seek personal gain, as well as the furtherment of the Guild as an institution. A thief's life is a dangerous one, but also a very profitable one. Patience is a virtue and secrecy a very good aspect of its members. If you wish to seek more information on the Thieves Guild, seek out any of its members, if you can find them and ask. If you wish to become one of the elite, you MUST fill out an application and send it to THIEVES for review. Upon a full review, if you have been accepted, you will be sought out and inducted. (OOC: An application will be in a NOTE, and it will be sent to THIEVES and nothing or nobody else)