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Theiwar are the dark dwarves. Conniving and scheming, Theiwar are always looking for ways to further their own evil self-interest. Theiwar prefer the dark dwellings of Thorbardin, and are easily distinguishable from other dwarves because of their paler complexions, larger eyes and their ability to use magic. In the early days of dwarven society, the Magi of High Sorcery taught magic to the dwarves but it quickly became apparent that the magical powers had an unpleasant effect on them. Magic-using dwarves became twisted in mind and body, and were referred to by the other dwarves as "derro" - degenerate. These derro formed their own caste within dwarven society, the Theiwar, or "thankless" since they felt that they had been betrayed by their own kind through no fault of their own. The Towers of High Sorcery stopped teaching the dwarves, but the Theiwar already knew much of their magical theory and it was passed down throughout the ages. Theiwar practice their magic without the controls placed on High Sorcerers, and there are rumors of dealings with demonic forces.