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Zivilyn, Tree of Life

Zivilyn, god of all wisdom, is the celestial Tree of Life. His branches and roots extend into all times and places. Much as Gilean holds the knowledge of the universe, Zivilyn holds its wisdom. He acts not according to the dictates of his mind, but according to those of his heart. Because wisdom is incomplete without knowledge and knowledge is incomplete without wisdom, Zivilyn and Gilean work closely together. Zivilyn is the companion of Chislev, most mortals view this relationship as a perfect marriage.

Influences: wisdom.
Symbol: a great green or gold tree, sometimes a valenwood.
Colors: green and gold.

Zivilyn's Avatars: Zivilyn assumes many different forms. Some have seen him as an old, balding man with a long beard. Though sighted, his eyes appear as twin windows looking out into space. Persons who gaze into those eyes learn their future, including the circumstances of their death.

Others report Zivilyn as a prophetic child with black skin, white hair, and eyes of quicksilver. Recently, several scholars have even proposed that the ageless Astinus of Palanthas is a branch of Zivilyn. After all, Zivilyn may maintain several avatars at one time, and Astinus may be one of them. In whatever form, Zivilyn wields a simple wooden cane that obeys any command it is given.