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The Aesthetics are dedicated to preserving the delicate balance of Good and Evil throughout Krynn by maintaining devotion to the ways of Neutrality in all things. Members of this Order are Observers, impartial mediators and teachers. Above all, the Order is devoted to two ideals: the gathering and sharing of Knowledge, and the preservation of the Balance. Allied with neither the forces of Good, nor Evil, the Aesthetics may be seen traveling with followers of either; only "taking sides" when one or the other grows too powerful.

REQUIREMENTS: All members must be of Neutral Alignment, and devote themselves to a God of Neutrality.

RESTRICTIONS: The following races/classes are NOT accepted
              due to their origins and/or activities being
              so heavily rooted in Evil as to make true
              Neutrality an impossibility:

              ** Assassins
              ** Necromancers
              ** Draconians
              ** Theiwar

Preferred classes include Clerics, Bards, Warriors and Battlemages; although any class may apply (with the exceptions listed above). All applications/questions should be sent to AESTHETIC.