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The following clans are available for play on The Legends of Krynn. Please read each individual page or help file in-game for a detailed description on each one.

There are many clans on the Legends of Krynn. For specific help on each clan seek out a (leader) or (recruiter) of that clan.

    • Conclave**
    • Mercenary**
    • Holy Order**
    • Thieves**
    • Solamnic**
    • Undead**
    • Balance Order**
    • Artisans**
    • Forester**
    • Black Order**
    • Knight Takhisis**

-- There are also help files on each clan, giving a basic description of what

  and who they are. More information can be attained from it's leader.

-+ Short names for each clan used for petitioning are as follows: conclave merc holy thieves solamnic undead balance artisan forester black kot