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The first step in the wonders of Roleplaying is to get past Newbieness.

A) Learn how to do as much as you can, so you are not always asking other
   players "how to" questions.

B) Get the feel of the game overall, fight a few battles, die a few times.
   Talk to some people.

C) While you are still a "newbie", try talking to people without discussing
   technical questions, bugs, PKing and cheating or even discussing skill
   percentages. Keep your character to yourself, don't let anyone know
   how good / bad you are. Apart from what they can see on the WHO list,
   don't let anyone in. It's just not good roleplaying. Don't let anyone
   know what your skill levels are. "I HAVE my third attack at 98%." It
   would be better to say ( If you were an arrogant Knight ) " I am the
   greatest Knight ever to walk the streets of Palanthas, ye (meaning "all
   of you") would be wise to stay clear of my path".

D) Try to kill the internet lingo as much as possible. E. G. The smiley
   faces, :) :( ,etc.. LOL.. Brb. 1) However in times of crisis, and
   battle, one does not want to take the time to type out "be right back"
   when ones' life is at stake. So shorthand does has its place. Use emote
   messages instead * like this * e. G. * smiles *, * farts * ,etc.
   If you can do this for one hour or so, you have hereby graduated past
   newbie, and you are ready to go one to bigger and better RolePlaying
                     **** Why should we roleplay anyhow? ****
   The only reason anyone should roleplay is to have fun. This is a
   roleplaying game after all and you should be having fun. If you aren't
   having fun roleplaying then perhaps MUD's aren't the type of games you
   should be playing. But, the bottom line is roleplaying is a way for
   you to develop your own character and a personality that is not your
   own. The internet completely allows you to screen your true personality
   from others. Use the anonymous nature of the internet to your advantage,
   this is part of roleplaying.

E) And finally, a few things to remember: Just because you can see someones
   name on the WHOLIST, doesn't mean you know who they are when you see them
   in the same room as you and it's the first time they've played that
   character. Ask them, perhaps they don't want you to know, or perhaps
   they'd be happy to tell you. However, everything should be done as if
   you ARE that character and not "Joe Schmuck from accross the street".
   Treat everyone like a stranger, unless of course both of your characters
   have met before. Another thing, if you were, for example, enemies with
   someone one day, you can't just be friends the next simply because you,
   personally slept on it. Keep the RolePlay going.
               Have fun and experiment what works best for you!