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Hiddukel, Prince of Lies

Hiddukel, god of ill-gotten wealth and deals, is patron god of evil business men and dishonest merchants. A cunning deal-maker, Hiddukel trades in living souls. Some say Hiddukel can ever barter with Takhisis and come out ahead. Hiddukel controls all ill-gotten wealth, using it to corrupt honest and greedy men alike. Greed and mischief drive all his transactions. One of his deals resulted in the creation of the Graygem, an artifact that wreaked havoc on Krynn. Influences: evil business practices, damned spirits, greed, slavery, and betrayal.

Symbol: a broken merchant's scale.
Colors: red and bone.
Other names: Betrayer (Mithas), Usk-Do (Hobgoblins), Hitax the Flaw (Thorbadin), M'Fistos (Istar).

Hiddukel's Avatars: Hiddukel prefers to appear as an obese man with cold, beady eyes and an oily smile. He drapes his expansive girth with the finest brocade and his knuckles are knobbed with false gemstones. Hiddukel avoids physical combat, relying on spells and hired monster bodyguards.