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Mishakal, Healing Hand

Among most good people on Krynn, Mishakal is worshipped as the "Healer". In Pre-Cataclysmic days, she was the most revered of the ministering gods, her many temples teaching the art of healing. Nearly every community in Ansalon had a priest of Mishakal to tend to the populace's health and, in recent days, the new clergy of Mishakal is working to renew the custom. Mishakal is Paladine's wife and advisor. The couple have twin sons, Habbakuk and Kiri-Jolith, and a third names Solinari.

Influences: healing, knowledge, fertility, life, beauty, and blessing.
Symbol: a blue infinity symbol.
Color: sky blue.
Other names: Ka-Mel-Sha, Healer in the Home (Kharolis/Tarsis), Mesalax (Thorbadin), Meshal (Icewall), Mishas (Ergoth), Quenesti Pah (Silvanesti), Quen Illumini (Qualinesti), Skymistress (Goodlund), the Blue Lady (Balifor, Hylo), Empress (Mithas), Bearer of Light, Light Bringer (Solamnia).

Mishakal's Avatar: Mishakal most commonly appears as a beautiful woman in excellent health and physical condition. Her flawless skin radiates a golden light unless she wishes to disguise herself. Even if she has dampened her radiance, her latent power often deepens the natural blues in objects around her blue blossoms, blue lakes, blue eyes, and so forth. She wears a robe and carries no armor or weaponry except for her glowing blue crystal staff.