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Ah! Another mortal, seeking adventure. You should go through mudschool first, to gain experience to face the trials outside. Be sure to practice a weapon in the guild room, or your stay with us shall be very short indeed. Type 'equipment' to see what your are wielding, 'spells' to see your spells, 'skills' to see your skills, and 'commands' for a list of commands. Help is available on most commands and abilities.

This is a roleplaying mud that does allow playerkilling, but requires roleplaying reasons to do so. If you are interested in roleplaying, you are welcome here. If you are only interested in powergaming and playerkilling, try a different mud.

A note for newbies who have never played a MUD before: Greater and less than signs (<>) have been used above to set apart the commands and your personalized input from the explanations of them. The shorthand <text> is used for a line of text of your choosing.

Everything inside the quotation marks ("")denotes exactly what you need to type for any given command.

Please type 'help rules' to see the Rules of this MUD.