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Nuitari, Devouring Dark

Nuitari, god of black magic, drew his evil nature from his parents, Takhisis and Sargonnas. The black moon, also called Nuitari, which is is symbol cannot be detected unless it eclipses the other stars and moons. While wandering Krynn in avatar form, Nuitari founded the wizardly Order of the Black Robes. This order espouses Nuitari's belief that magic should be secret and coveted.

Nuitari is perhaps the most approachable of the evil gods. His love for magic trancends his evil nature. An intense and quiet god, Nuitari displays a scholar's love for the magical arts. He continually researches new spells to grant his priests and wizards, seeking the universe's arcane secrets. But black magic comes at a price. Though it grants its users incredible power, it also slowly takes control of them. Nuitari observes in wry amusement as those who try to master his art are overcome by its dark power.

Influences: black magic.
Symbol: a black circle or sphere.
Color: black.
Other names: Nightreaver (Mithas), Darkness (Elian), Black Hand (Balifor), Ungod (Thorbadin).

Nuitari's Avatars: Nuitari favors the form of a quiet, intense young man with jet-black hair and a long black robe. He also appears as a wicked child.