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These are the RULES for Legends of Krynn. All other matters use common sense.

  • This mud is a Role-Play enviroment and Role-Play will be enforced.
  • Limited player stealing or player killing.
  • Your presence here is a privilege not a right. Obey any orders from gods, you will be fine. Deletion does not require a reason, appeals are to be sent to the implementors.
  • No advertisements of any other MUD's. If you advertise, you will be denied access, possibly even site banned!
  • Sitting around idle with a client is hazardous to your health. If we catchyou doing it, you will lose half your playing time.
  • No multiple logins, multiple playing, or helping your own characters with other characters you own -- by any arrangment.
  • No kill stealing. This means you cannot attack a mob someone else is fighting, unless they ask you to. Also avoid attacking fleeing mobs.
  • Cheating will not be tolerated. This includes accepting favors from gods and exploiting bugs. If you find a bug, report it, then do not use it. This also includes asking Immortals for favors, such as summons, transfers, heals, restores and anything else you (or we) can think of.
  • Do not ask Immortals for stats on weapons, armor, or any object at all, unless it has something to do with a possible bug or error.
  • Do not ask any Immortal where anything is either, ie - where to get items, or where to kill to level.
  • Foul and/or abusive language will not be tolerated.
  • No killing of link dead players.
  • Changes to these rules are at the discretion of the immortals, and may be done without warning, notice, or even evidence of sanity. Walk softly, and carry a black stick.