Solamnic - Knight Crown

From The Legends of Krynn
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The Measure

Loyalty and obedience epitomize the Knights of the Crown.

Loyalty is unquestioning faithfulness to the cause of a higher power. Knights of the Crown view loyalty as a tribute to be justly and voluntarily rendered. The Order of the Crown is loyal to the order's founding god, Habbakuk, to those who suffer under evil's weight, and to rulers who, by decree of the Knightly Council, deserve the knights' loyalty and protection. Only rulers who follow the tenets of Good are deserving — politics never sway this decision. The list of approved rulers is called the List of Loyalty.

Obedience is the practical manifestation of loyalty. A Knight of the Crown must unquestioningly obey those on the List of Loyalty.;

The specific responsibilities of this order include tithing income, aiding any knight who requires aid and service to the nations on the List of Loyalty.