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Welcome to the Legends of Krynn. For many, it is a Welcome Back.

First, this is no longer Hiddukel (Craig’s) style of LoK or leadership. Gone are the days of Staff without power or influence to Players of the game. Staff are empowered to make changes to the game, for the good of the Game and betterment of players.

With that said: A few points.

I envision a game where ROLEPLAY, THE STORY, and Player Engagement of that are first and foremost in my mind.

… To create an Engaging, Dynamic STORY that encourages and develops player interaction and roleplay,

… To encourage and develop player-run-plots and interactions with other players.

… To add espionage and intrigue with a social-political game to be “played” with (possible) territory vies and power plays.

STORYTELLERS (Previously Roleplaying Immortals) are empowered to have significant impact to the players of the story module, including but not limited to permanent character death of one of the players in the module. Storytellers should keep in mind that the results of their session fold into the persistent world of Krynn.

With the above stated, the mobs will still be hanging out for players who want to play the level grinding or mob killing game if they choose – but this comes second in priority to having a great story that hooks the players in and keeps them coming for more.

TL;DR? Come roleplay with us.